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Best mode of transport in Bali
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The essence of tourism is touching local people directly, bring value to Balinese people directly. So that, people will experience and feel the effect and benefit from tourism itself. However, why you come cross half of the world, cost a lot of money for flight, find fhe best food and hotel but affraid to pay local people and prefer to feed big app company rather than help local people just because to make your trip "CHEAP" 

By using local people, you are not helping the CEO of those companies to buy a new sport car tomorrow, but you are helping a mother to prepare dinner for their little family tonight and help a father to pay their children's school fee tomorrow. 

I try to calculate uber or grab people think cheap, let us calculate it. For example in Bali I arrange tour for couple or group with destination, rice terrace tracking ubud, then mongkey forest sangeh, beratan lake temple, lunch with rice terrace view, nearby we can visit coffee farm plantation to experience local coffee and free testing and buy from farmer directly, then to taman ayun temple and tanah lot temple with sunset view. Then end the program with dinner. All this program charge Rp. 550.000 or equal with 50 US$.

Now compare it with uber charge

Hotel nusa dua -ubud rice terrace = Rp. 187.000

Rice terrace - sangeh = Rp. 39.000

Sangeh - beratan lake = Rp. 110.000

Beratan - lunch restaurant = Rp. 193.000

Restaurant - coffee farm = Rp. 234.000

Coffee farm - taman ayun = Rp. 28.000

Taman ayun - tanah lot = Rp. 94.000

Tanah lot - dinner = Rp. 98.000

Restaurant - hotel = Rp. 58.000

Total = Rp. 1.041.000 equal with 100US$

When you hire local you cost 50US$ and when you use app you cost 100US$ and you still believe online is cheaper?  And then you say you bring value to local people?  Come on be fair and honest

Plus with condition uber or grab are not always available, then you must wait for uber or grab driver until they come, otherwise local driver wait for you. Grab or uber will not show you what we have and will not bring you in the destination, they will leave you with no idea what to do in parking lot. You will not know which coffee taste better or where is our secret sunset spot. And then one fact you need to know that uber or grab are not allowed to pick up at all hotel or tour destination, it means you must walk 2 km outside each tourism destination. And they leave you before you enter ticket entrance. 

I provide you screenshot of grab order for your consideration. Please hire us local people dirrectly and be wise traveler. 

When you think about it, and you need help or need information detail about bali, need advice or recommendations please feel free to call or whatsapp me at +6285100525469 or check website Bali Organizer

Thank you. 

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